pictured words

a simple pairing of pictures and poetry

SLOW WRITER (a dizain)


In the time it took to write this dizain,
I should have lost weight.  So why didn’t I?
Well truly, Sugar, I just can’t explain.
You’d think it would be as easy as pie.
I’m just in a jam.  Can’t figure out why.
Computer cookies! Could there be a link?
My appetite for the sweet flow of ink?
Digesting rhymes in the grocery aisle?
The weight of my words?  It all makes me think.
I wonder. Let me chew on that awhile.


© Marie Elena Good, 2016

UNWANTED (Sonnetina Tre for an unplanned child)


A life that’s wanted is a life that’s life.
Unwanted life? Disposable tissue.
So at what point does life become a life?
Unplanned or planned – too often the issue.

The silent scream of babies ripped apart
Is deafening to me – I can’t be still
And not express what grieves my beating heart
While theirs are halted at another’s will.

What right have we to turn a woman’s womb
Into an unplanned baby’s living tomb?


© Marie Elena Good, 2016



Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

All I wanted was to give you a gift –
A pretty something you could wear
On your wrist,
Or around your neck.
Something having nothing to do
With construction paper,
or crayons.
Something purchased with paper money
From a department store.
Something wrapped in ribbon.

Now all I want is to give you a gift –
Something having nothing to do
With purchases
With paper money.
I want to give you

Sunny smiles,
Smooth sailing,
Sweet solace.

Tears for my nation


Where cheers for gun rights
Paled those for unborn children
And left me in tears

My hope lies in this:

“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lordas the rivers of water: He channels it where He wills.”   ~ Proverbs 21:1

Photo credit:  www.slate.com


Crossroad in lavender meadow

Image credit:  awesomeaj.com

As children,
We were taught
To always
Look left, and right,
Then proceed.

As adults
We continue
To always
Look left, and right,
Then proceed,
And we’re free-








For lack of middle ground.


© Marie Elena Good, 2016

SEEKING SOFTNESS (#prayforturkey #stopthehate)


Media photo as presented by Photography of Nia 

I can’t pretend to understand
As hostile minds, with arms in hand,
Disturb a peaceful country’s night
While innocents hole up in fright.

Another friend, another cry,
Another ally begging, “why?”
Another hashtag adding weight
To those who prompt and spread the hate.

This fallen universe, complex:
While animosity is flexed,
A softness tries to smooth the way
From violent night, to placid day.

Let softness have its gentle sway;
Let mankind not be mankind’s prey.


© Marie Elena Good

un câlin pour un allié (a hug for an ally)

Nice France

Hate reigns. What remains
To say?  To pray?
We disavow
Our sin in errant skin –
Our callous view of life
As strife endures, and carnage lures
The vilest mind.
Oh, mankind!
Weep desolately deep
As France steeps in blood,
And floods of tears release
A piece of Nice.


© Marie Elena Good



Photo credit: dreamstime.com 

We as children
Face-up in soft grass
Hands clasped behind our heads
Watching floating scenes above,
Seeing things differently –
Each through our own lens,
Mimicking real life.


© Marie Elena Good


Clouds of witnesses weep

We’ve lost our first Love.
Even clouds of witnesses
Weep over our land.