pictured words

a simple pairing of pictures and poetry

  How can I feel distant from the One sent to abide with me forever? The same manner in which I feel distant from the one whose breath fingers my cheek as we sleep. (“… and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever.” ~ John 14:16)  

Painting by Deanna
softly detaching

  apprehensively she walks the path assigned her softly detaching

Not all little lambs
Isadora Kathleen_edited-1

God graciously gives gifts that prove His love, And this time used a cherished little one Whose precious face is reminiscent of The one who caused my heart to come undone. Another set of prints upon my soul Has made her presence known, and it’s sublime – Just like a piece that makes a puzzle […]

Sophia Rose

A woman knows instinctively, it seems, Which moments will leave prints upon her soul. Her future life weaves fabric through her dreams And writes upon her heart, as though a scroll. A woman thinks she knows what to expect From pioneering moments in her world – Anticipation of events’ effects, And how her heart will […]

This is my prayer
All the write places