pictured words

a simple pairing of pictures and poetry

Hear(t)rending Tragedies

While Nepal suffers
Death not of their own making,
We dig our own grave.

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake

Baltimore Riots

Baltimore Riots

To Shed What Light? (sonnet for a darkened past)


She can’t quite grasp event(s) she feels occurred
That may have cast the pattern of her life.
No clear recall – just senses that are blurred,
Yet sharply pierce her present, like a knife.

Hypnosis could enlighten, she was told –
Could bring to forefront what she had suppressed.
Perhaps what had been quelled could then unfold,
And with it, this foreboding put to rest.

And here am I, unable to convey
My hesitance to urge her in this quest –
When everything inside me wants to say
Some incidents might best remain repressed.

 Yes, were my past so dark I could not see,
I would not seize the lamp and turn the key.

Photo credit: http://succube.deviantart.com