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Category: Haiku Month 2016

Haiku Month 2016, Day 9

12717276_10208923165185203_2613018687976673722_n (1)

I.V. success
After ten attempts
In vein

Haiku Month 2016, Day 8

12654426_10153811332401351_5218512257091509121_n (1)

Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

aging winter bark
cracks, moans, fades, unfurls
much like this old girl

Haiku Month 2016, Day 7


Photo by Keith R. Good

Winter streams give life,
Yet how icy are the veins
Through which blood runs cold.

Haiku Month 2016, Day 6

12063450_995237743830958_4099951258315662914_n copy

Photo by Keith R. Good

Chilled cerulean night
Flaunts afterglow

Haiku Month 2016, Day 5

12644933_1039788566042542_829827405911085979_n copy

Photo by Keith R. Good

Brief thaw, pre-spring
Sparrows share what little’s there
Charity takes wing

Haiku Month 2016, Day 4


Photo by Keith R. Good

There is a season –
A time for ev’ry purpose
Under the heavens

(Ecclesiastes 3:3. A found haiku)

Haiku Month 2016, Day 3

12065551_995237277164338_2189340126617681778_n copy

Photo by Keith R. Good

It’s best when
It’s not the hard places
That stand out.

Haiku Month 2016 Day 2

311502_10151133073756351_103372414_n copy

fiery shades
warm icy-
rooftop experience


Haiku Month 2016 Day 1


Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

Icy winds gather
Treasures by dumpster
Most will miss