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Tag: Abuse

Reluctant Warrior (Sonnet for my brave, sweet friend)


Photo by Keith R. Good

The daddy that abused demands respect,
While brazenly he’s courting the profane.
She waits for alcohol to take effect,
Or swallows pills to numb the memory’s pain.

She daily chokes down bitter, misplaced guilt
That he’s imposed since she was just a child.
Wet pillow, stained where nightly shame is spilt,
Her very tears believe they are defiled.

But now she shuns her means for quick relief;
She’s trading pills and alcohol for truth.
And though her battle’s cruel beyond belief,
She’s vanquishing the crutches of her youth.

Her steadfast vision lifts and touches me.
Her only goal?  “To God, the glory be.”


© Marie Elena Good, 2017





Two decades passed
Since liquor last passed my lips.
Past pain eclipsed my gain;
The ache of wounded heart
Returned again to tear apart
My fragile strength.

Now what lengths will I go
To hide the flow of the drink;
Make everyone think I am well?
Well, I’m not.  I’m fraught
With what brought me here.

I can’t disappear.  Couldn’t then
When men, cavalier, had their way –
Reduced me to prey.

Two decades erased
With a taste.
My wholeness now broken,
“Just take me,” unspoken,
While hades trades truth for a snake –
With each sip I take,
I break.

© Marie Elena Good, 2016

“With each sip I take, I break” is actually a partial line from Peaceful Easy Feeling by Walter Wojtanik.

(Not to worry about me, friends.  This is fiction, though sadly loosely based on the plight of someone dear to me and for whom I daily pray.)