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Schmoozy Sue, the Santa Shrew

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Few know of Sue, the Santa Shrew,
and that’s a curious thing in view
of all the schmoozing she would do
once scooting down each chimney flue.

She’d shoot the breeze with skillful ease
in English, Welsh, or Taiwanese,
while feasting on her hostess’ cheese.
Then right back up the flue she’d squeeze.

‘Round every tree, she’d socialize –
she’d dramatize and improvise,
and aggrandize, and summarize.
Shrew ebullience, epitomized.

As starlit skies turned pinks and golds,
Sue’d slip ‘tween Santa’s soft cloak folds
and there, she’d dream of each household
and all her stories, still untold.

© Marie Elena Good, 2020


Bear in There by Shel Silverstein


For Poetic Blooming’s prompt to write a poem reflecting the poet I wish I was. 

I adore everything Silverstein! He inspires me to write for children, but oh to write like he does! My poem entitled “Cubs in My Tub” was inspired by Mr. Silverstein’s “Bear in There.”


CUBS IN MY TUB  (by Marie Elena Good)

There are cubs in my tub
So I gave them my scrubby
To sponge off the grunge
That was left by my hubby.

But now, misbehaving,
They’re splashing, and shaving
(With hubby’s new blade!)
And now clearly a maid and a plumber
Would be laborsaving.

I opened the fridge to find Poppa bear there,
And I asked him to come get his cubs.
I was nervous (a smidge),
But then out from the fridge came
-Their poppa
-Their momma
-My hubs!

© Marie Elena Good, 2019


At the age of seven, Sophie built a hand bouquet for me, a few items at a time. When it was complete, I told her how beautiful it was. The short conversation that ensued may not exactly be a poem, but it is sheer poetry to me, and will reside in my heart forever:

It’s complete? It’s beautiful, Sophie. Thank you!

         It’s your personality, Nonna.

This bouquet is my personality? What do you mean? What would you say is my personality?

        Eternal happiness and love for everyone.

Oh, Sophie … that is so sweet. Thank you! And what would you say is YOUR personality?

        I’m love, too. And care for everyone, everywhere.

Light emanating
from an unsullied child’s heart
sparks a better us.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019


sophie with new friend

What matters the skin
Or shape of the eyes
From which well the tears
Of final goodbyes?

What matters the weapon
When brandished with hate?

Teach precious ones love
While proud tongues debate.