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Tag: Diversity



Agreement is not crucial.
Kindness is.
Divergence is not futile.
Blindness is.

In one way or another,
We should learn
To hear our diverse brothers –
Not to spurn.

© Marie Elena Good

Forget the Pride


Remember:  You, to them, are “they,”
So make a way
To understand –
Extend a hand.

Examine self with open eyes
Unchain the lies –
Let truth prevail,
For bonds are frail.

Forget the finger-pointing blame.
Inciting shame
Produces hate.
Don’t take the bait.

Beneath a Common Moon


Could we respect our elderly,
Our mentally
Unwell and worn;
Our foreign-born?

Opinions that oppose our views?
Please let’s not choose
To denigrate.
Let’s celebrate

Divergences.  Let’s love despite;
And so ignite
A shared esteem –
A common dream.