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Tag: God is Good


Photos by Marie Elena Good

Lovers and children

make paper hearts.  God uses
all of creation.

(c) Marie Elena Good, 2019




Forgive me,
saintly populous,
for using the nonspiritual term
to describe the heart at peace
in the midst of chaos.
To describe the allure
of the God who passes
all superhero wonders,
as He lifts us from our
reckless selves,
to lean against His heart
and absorb His peace.
But if that isn’t magic …

© Marie Elena Good

RETURN TO THE HILLS (Sonnet for My Keith, and Our Little Blue Cabin in Ohio’s Hocking Hills)



How many years have you and I come here
To seek a respite from demands of time?
We listen long as birdsongs echo clear,
From porch swing’s nest, to hills we dare to climb.

We had to leave behind our getaway,
As pressures of life’s urgencies took charge.
This season rendered cabin dreams “someday,”
But pressing needs no longer loom so large.

We’re homebodies (both you and I), and this,
Our quiet cabin nestled in the pines,
Feels so like coming home, it’s simply bliss –
This space where life and harmony align.

I’ve seen these hills with no one else but you.
There’s none with whom I’d rather share this view.

© Marie Elena Good, 2018