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Tag: Hatred

SEEKING SOFTNESS (#prayforturkey #stopthehate)


Media photo as presented by Photography of Nia 

I can’t pretend to understand
As hostile minds, with arms in hand,
Disturb a peaceful country’s night
While innocents hole up in fright.

Another friend, another cry,
Another ally begging, “why?”
Another hashtag adding weight
To those who prompt and spread the hate.

This fallen universe, complex:
While animosity is flexed,
A softness tries to smooth the way
From violent night, to placid day.

Let softness have its gentle sway;
Let mankind not be mankind’s prey.


© Marie Elena Good




As life bleeds red,
My guilt, this:
I thank my God
My love is not
In blue uniform;
My son, in black skin.


© Marie Elena Good



If only hate could be
S  e  v  e  r  e  d
By earnestly penned poems.