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Bear in There by Shel Silverstein


For Poetic Blooming’s prompt to write a poem reflecting the poet I wish I was. 

I adore everything Silverstein! He inspires me to write for children, but oh to write like he does! My poem entitled “Cubs in My Tub” was inspired by Mr. Silverstein’s “Bear in There.”


CUBS IN MY TUB  (by Marie Elena Good)

There are cubs in my tub
So I gave them my scrubby
To sponge off the grunge
That was left by my hubby.

But now, misbehaving,
They’re splashing, and shaving
(With hubby’s new blade!)
And now clearly a maid and a plumber
Would be laborsaving.

I opened the fridge to find Poppa bear there,
And I asked him to come get his cubs.
I was nervous (a smidge),
But then out from the fridge came
-Their poppa
-Their momma
-My hubs!

© Marie Elena Good, 2019



Photo by Alice Ochs/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Oh, Mister Silverstein, we need more of you.
Childlike rhymes (not child-like) and
Oddities you drew.

Oh, Mister Silverstein, how we need your views!
Giggling at our differences,
Poopooing the news.

Oh, Mister Silverstein, help us all to see,
Anything can happen, sir.
Anything can be.

Oh, Sister Milverstein, I am just slo bue.
Runny Babbit yisses mou
And I yiss mou, too.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019

IF THE WHOLE WORLD WAS SILLY (Tribute to Shel Silverstein)


If the whole world was silly, you know what I’d eat?
Worm Fettuccini, right off of the street.
Some caramelized whiskers of catfish today;
Tomorrow, perhaps a nice leather fillet.
A handful of gravel from Mr. Green’s drive,
With honey bee’s knees from an elephant’s hive.
Gallons of hazelnut-chocolate-bean chili.
That’s what I’d eat if the whole world was silly.

If the whole world was silly, you know what I’d wear?
An upside-down tuba, and one for a spare.
A glove on my foot, and two socks on one hand,
Yesterday’s junk mail; fresh peach skin (or canned).
My big sister’s homework, my Uncle Jim’s lures,
And maybe that G.I. Joe lunch pail of yours.
Oversized dentures from Great, Great Aunt Milly.
That’s what I’d wear if the whole world was silly.

If the whole world was silly, you know what I’d do?
I’d unzip the sky to let hippos skip through.
I’d hop into books, and I’d flip through my bed.
I’d butter my face, and smooth lip balm on bread.
I’d plant fish from seed, and teach star fruit to swim.
Then I’d color each glare with a nice shade of dim.
Everyone’s name would end with “The Frilly,”
If I was the queen, and the whole world was silly.

(c) Marie Elena Good, 2009

Inspired by “If the World was Crazy” by Shel Silverstein