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Tag: sunset



Her toes, tanned,
saunter in sand
as sun wanes.

She remains,
steeped in still
-nes’tled blush of dusk.
Settled.  Hushed.

Moon taunts her,
fetching her heart –
sketching shore shadows –
stretching  fern and frond
beyond her vision.

And far beyond
her once-upon-a-sand


© Marie Elena Good, 2018

Haiku Month 2016, Day 6

12063450_995237743830958_4099951258315662914_n copy

Photo by Keith R. Good

Chilled cerulean night
Flaunts afterglow

Haiku Month 2016 Day 2

311502_10151133073756351_103372414_n copy

fiery shades
warm icy-
rooftop experience



  How can I feel distant from the One sent to abide with me forever? The same manner in which I feel distant from the one whose breath fingers my cheek as we sleep. (“… and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever.” ~ John 14:16)