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Second Week of February (an Ekphrastic poem)


It has been four years
since we nearly lost Izzy,
our grandbaby girl.

It has been two years
since my mother passed on to
the heavenly realm.

Now my son-in-law’s
mother is hospitalized,
fighting for her life.

The second week of
the second month of each year
feels like a movie –

a film I am in,
but choose to view from a safe
distance. Unseated.

© Marie Elena Good, 2020



Scarlet graces black
bough and ground below. Silent
snow spills scant and slow.

Once butter-winged finch
faded, flutters. Winter cinched.
Wonder underway.


© Marie Elena Good, 2018

Haiku Month 2016, Day 7


Photo by Keith R. Good

Winter streams give life,
Yet how icy are the veins
Through which blood runs cold.

Haiku Month 2016, Day 5

12644933_1039788566042542_829827405911085979_n copy

Photo by Keith R. Good

Brief thaw, pre-spring
Sparrows share what little’s there
Charity takes wing

Haiku Month 2016 Day 1


Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

Icy winds gather
Treasures by dumpster
Most will miss