by Marie Elena



Painting by Jackie Meier

I believe in small government. I love my Uncle Sam, but don’t trust him to use our taxes effectively, efficiently, or fairly to benefit the needy among us. I believe in the heart of the American people to nurture the disadvantaged, and I don’t begrudge those who have much.

I believe in lifting our lamp beside the golden door. I believe that lady in the harbor meant what she said, and knew that big hearts win in the end.

I’ve always looked right for my compass, but I’ve become disoriented.

I don’t recognize the mercenary face extending a deceitful hand to haul me down a freeway that is not free, and is not the way.

And yet …

Don’t talk to me about turning left at the intersection. For there I see a self-aggrandizing dragon that breathes intolerance even as it feigns open arms.

Don’t talk to me about moderate. A little of this and a pinch of that have no home – no place to rest their head or raise their voice.

Lost, but not aimless … and not alone.

“In the LORD’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels toward all who please him.” ~ Proverbs 21:1

© Marie Elena Good, 2016