HOW IT ENDED (fable)

by Marie Elena


Photo by Keith R. Good


“We’re all doomed!” wailed baboon.
“Now, says who?” asked the shrew.
“It’s a lie!” declared fly.
“You buffoon!” slurred raccoon.

“Please, please, please!” pleaded bees,
“What baboon says is true!
We are dying in droves!
If we die, you will too!”

“But that’s not what MAN says,
and he’d KNOW,” shrieked the crow.
And the rest felt affirmed
While baboon’s head hung low.

“We rely on each bee,” whispered unnoticed flea.

With the flea’s voice unheard,
And the baboon, insulted
No common sense stirred,
And the poet’s voice halted.


© Marie Elena Good, 2017