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UNWANTED (Sonnetina Tre for an unplanned child)


A life that’s wanted is a life that’s life.
Unwanted life? Disposable tissue.
So at what point does life become a life?
Unplanned or planned – too often the issue.

The silent scream of babies ripped apart
Is deafening to me – I can’t be still
And not express what grieves my beating heart
While theirs are halted at another’s will.

What right have we to turn a woman’s womb
Into an unplanned baby’s living tomb?


© Marie Elena Good, 2016

Tears for my nation


Where cheers for gun rights
Paled those for unborn children
And left me in tears

My hope lies in this:

“The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lordas the rivers of water: He channels it where He wills.”   ~ Proverbs 21:1

Photo credit:  www.slate.com



15 Weeks (photo courtesy of donum-vitae)

the problem with a
botched abortion
is that the baby
is at the risk of being