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Photo credit:  Deanna Marie Metts

One heart was freed
One soul was saved
One life unchained
One sentence waived
One died for me
One took my place
One sacrifice
One act of grace
One Holy God
One Trinity
One Perfect Lamb
One thankful me

© copyright 2009, Marie Elena Good




Not all little lambs breathe earth’s air,
finger blanket’s silk,
rock-a-bye with Grandma,
hold Daddy’s hand,
sleep with a sibling,
laugh with their poppa,
or lay against Momma’s breast.
They never know sadness or hunger,
failure or pain,
the loss of a loved one,
or fear of the dark.
Some breathe Heaven’s sweet scent, and nap
in the arms of the Lamb of God

Marie Elena Good, 2012

I can’t say I understand the hows and whys of a new and deeply wanted heart that was suddenly halted late Christmas night, 2012.  But this I know — God knows the baby’s name, and its life is in His hands.

Someday we’ll hold you, precious little grandbaby.  Your mommy and daddy miss you every day.

UPDATE:  Today (five years later), this little lamb was given a gift.  His momma wanted him cremated and placed in an urn to keep forever.  However, since he was too young to be considered a “person” and given a certificate of death, there seemed to be nothing that could be done.  But there are kind, caring people in the world.  The director of an area funeral home not only found a way to do it, but they will do a service and provide an urn completely free of cost.

Today, this little lamb was given a name:  Noah Ezekial.  Though he was too young to be sure of the sex, his momma chose this name for its meaning:
Comfort and Rest, and God Strengthens.

My heart is full.