by Marie Elena



Not all little lambs breathe earth’s air,
finger blanket’s silk,
rock-a-bye with Grandma,
hold Daddy’s hand,
sleep with a sibling,
laugh with their poppa,
or lay against Momma’s breast.
They never know sadness or hunger,
failure or pain,
the loss of a loved one,
or fear of the dark.
Some breathe Heaven’s sweet scent, and nap
in the arms of the Lamb of God

Marie Elena Good, 2012

I can’t say I understand the hows and whys of a new and deeply wanted heart that was suddenly halted late Christmas night, 2012.  But this I know — God knows the baby’s name, and its life is in His hands.

Someday we’ll hold you, precious little grandbaby.  Your mommy and daddy miss you every day.