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Tag: Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

Haiku Month 2016 Day 1


Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

Icy winds gather
Treasures by dumpster
Most will miss

“I can still run to the store.”


Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

Can’t make sense
Of this list.
Beat and spent.

Ten milk jugs.
Nothing else
In my cart.

Almost done.
Can’t sign check.

© Marie Elena Good, 2016

Snowflakes on trashcans

946133_10153782661481351_5665515717749229264_n copy

Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

Searching for her God,
She captures His signature –
Snowflakes on trashcans

DELIVERED (Sonnet to Jesus, Our Redeemer)

12316401_10153524780578600_7220746477826613995_n (1)

Photo by Deanna Marie Metts

I prayed for one I love for countless years,
For healing of her heart, her mind, her soul.
My faith was often blinded by my tears,
Just longing for my loved one to be whole.

A Savior’s unremitting hunt pursued.
In sacrificial, unrestricted love,
Each moment and heart-rending  instance used
To draw her broken spirit’s eyes above.

The enemy at work may mystify,
But his sick plot is frail and deeply flawed.
His seeming grip on us is just a lie –
He’s simply powerless against our God.

Her life in Jesus wondrously revealed,
Now with His Holy Spirit, she is sealed!

softly detaching

  apprehensively she walks the path assigned her softly detaching