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OF HUMBLE MEANS (Sonnet to the Newborn King)




Public domain photo

Expectant couple travels far and fierce.|
She, full with child, atop a gentle ass.
He, worried as her sighs begin to pierce,
And finding there’s no room in inns they pass.

He, with no proper room to birth her child,
Secures a proffered stable to take rest.
The Babe comes quickly, there amidst the wild.
He frees her Son, and lays Him at her breast.

The Newborn listens to the bleating sheep.
The feeding trough He lies in smells of hay.
His weary mother tries to get some sleep,
Through rolling sounds of cry and bleat and bray.

Great throngs of angels revel in this day –
In lowly trough, there lies The Truth.  The Way.


© Marie Elena Good, 2017




A semi swerves.  Suddenly,
We’re face-to-face, in my lane.
A dozen scenarios
Run through my mind;
Weighing my options.

Though it seems like forever,
It’s a flash. And just like that,
It’s over.


© Marie Elena Good, 2016

BOKETTO FORM (created by Walter Wojtanik of Poetic Bloomings):

Describes a moment in time.
Two stanzas.
First stanza syllable count: 7, 7, 7, 4, 5.
Second stanza syllable count:  7, 7, 3.