Term-inally Lovesick (A Sonnet, Besotted)

by Marie Elena



Etymologically express my love?!
I can’t speak love with consonant and vowel!
I’m verbally decrepit! (Well, sort of.)
I’m giving in! I’m throwing in the towel!

Emphatically pronoun-cing love seems daft.
Yet hypotheticals won’t mean a thing.
While rubbish bin spills over with my drafts,
I’m left with participles dang-l-ing.

To write of love? I cannot comprehend.
I’m tense and stressed and non-affirmative.
These split infinitives are hard to mend.
There has to be a fast alternative.

I need to let my gerundings gestate.
My present perfect love will have to wait.


© Marie Elena Good, 2018